BW 780 Special Topics in Biomedical Writing:

  Biomedical Publishing on the Internet  

Copyright 2002

Thomas E. Colonna Ph.D./JD  

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This course examines stylistic, regulatory and technical issues pertaining to publishing biomedical information on the Internet. 

Topics covered include:

Through discussion of these issues and practice employing them, one will be able to orient writing for different multimedia audiences.  Discussion will be based on readings from this website.  In addition to exercises and quizzes, the student will prepare several assignments for submission. The major project will be either (1) to design a website to present biomedical information of the students choosing OR (2) a research report on a topic chosen by the student and approved by the instructor AND a brief oral presentation to your colleagues on your project (for a total of half of the course grade).

Grading Policy

A standardized marking scheme is used for written assignments.  Late assignments will be penalized up to one grade per week. 

Submitted Assignments

Quizzes                                                                                 25%

Written assignments                                                            25%

Website/Research Project                                                    40%

Oral presentation                                                                10%

Total                                                                                     100%