Biomedical Publishing on the Internet

Copyright 2002

Thomas E. Colonna Ph.D./JD

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Class Schedule


N.B.    I have indicated tentative venues for discussion in square brackets, however, this schedule may change as we progress through the course.


Sept. 4  Introduction to the course and Internet Fundamentals

             (Discussion of Internet basics, definitions)         

                     [Onsite meeting at USP computer lab with Internet access]


Sept. 11 Electronic Publishing Forums and Writing Styles (Websites, e-newsletter, e-books, multimedia CDs, chat rooms, instant messaging, and e-mail)    

              Reading for the week: Module 1

[Electronic discussion]


Sept. 18 Copyright Issues Part 1 (What is copyright, derivative works, fair use, and multimedia republication)

              Reading for the week: Module 2            

Assignment:  sample e-newsletter

[Electronic discussion]                                        


Sept. 25 Copyright Issues Part 2 (caching, linking, framing, copyright infringement, liability, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Reading for the week: Module 3                                  

[Electronic discussion and submission of sample e-newsletter due]


Oct. 2    Trademark Issues (Introduction to trademarks and service marks, domain names, infringement, dilution, and trade dress protection)

Reading for the week: Module 4

              Assignment:  Copyright Registration

              [Electronic discussion]


Oct. 9    Biomedical Information Privacy (Discussion of encryption, privacy policies, and HIPAA)

Reading for the week: Module 5

[website or research project proposal due ]

[Onsite Meeting at USP and submission of Copyright Registration]


Oct. 16  Regulation of Biomedical Publishing Part 1 (Introduction to FDA, FTC regulations misbranding, false advertising, and financial disclosure)

              Reading for the week: Module 6

[Electronic discussion]                                       


Oct. 23  Regulation of Biomedical Publishing Part 2 (FDA Pre-approval and Off-label promotion regulatory issues)          

              Reading for the week: Module 7

[Electronic discussion]


Oct. 30  Regulation of Biomedical Publishing Part 3 (FDA regulation of CME, journal reprints, comparative ads, director to consumer, over-the-counter, investigational and prescription product promotion)               

Reading for the week: Module 8

Assignment:  Analysis of online advertising samples

[Electronic discussion]                                        


Nov. 6   Regulatory Issues Impacting E-mail (SPAM), Online Press Releases, and Pharmaceutical E-detailing                              

              Reading for the week: Module 9

[Onsite Meeting at USP and submission of online ad analysis]


Nov. 13   Peer Review Process and Electronic Citation Formats

                Reading for the week: Module 10

 [Electronic discussion]


Nov. 20  Publishing Online Databases and Search Engine Optimization

 Reading for the week: Module 11

 [Electronic discussion]

Nov. 27  No class due to Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec. 4    Oral presentations, peer evaluations; and discussion

              [Onsite meeting at USP]


Dec. 11  Course review and evaluation

[Electronic discussion and website or research project due]